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You may hear a lot about developing apps and how brands are keen to speed up app development processes so that they can generate revenue through well-monetized apps. During all these discussions, you will not hear much about the tools used for building these apps, and these are most important. Any good developer must have knowledge of these, but there are surely preferences for each type of app and platform required. In this write-up, you will briefly learn about the top 10 tools for mobile app development that make app development easier.

Mobile app development is more important to the enterprise than ever before. Development organizations are increasingly looking for a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that can support their needs for both current and future projects. Meanwhile, SMBs and individuals keen to get apps out into the market are able to do so without having coding skills. It’s a broad field and vendors offer a wide array of capabilities.

1. Adobe PhoneGap Enterprise

This enterprise mobile app development tool helps you with development and app management across channels and platforms. Nitobi Software, the ones that made the PhoneGap framework, was acquired by Adobe Systems, during the latter half of 2011. PhoneGap itself can wrap HTML5 apps in native containers. This provides you with a selection of media-rich enterprises that carries requirements for mobile clients. Organizations that wish to wrap mobile Web applications can find use in it. Other apps include ones that have been developed with jQuery Mobile, Sencha, Dojo Mobile, etc. This development platform is also available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS platforms.

2. Appery.io

This is a cloud-based platform that offers visual development tools with integrated backend services. Companies like AT&T, ESPN and Samsung have used Appery.io, as it is a powerful and visual app builder tool.

3. Appcelerator

Appcelerator’s Titanium mobile platform is based on Eclipse. This tool is free to download with pre-integrated cloud services. It also has a vast library of extensions for its applications available in its module marketplace. This hefty tool is perfect for those organizations that feel the need multi-OS application development that can use a web-based skill set.

4. AppMachine

AppMachine, a tool that claims to make app-making easy, does just that. One of its most basic functions is that it scans your website, and retrieves feeds of your content. AppMachine lets you work with ‘building blocks’, and is perhaps one of the best and most inexpensive tools for developing a viable product.

5. AppMakr

AppMakr is among those tools that offer a great deal of leverage, and does so without the developer chops, and delivers a product built from scratch. For as little as $ 8 – 10, AppMAkr will create native Android and iPhone Apps and also an HTML5 Mobile Website by using your content or service. This code-free solution consumes a few minutes only and is great for producing and launching an app urgently, which will serve your purpose well. Obviously, you can’t really expect to have the best solution, but you will have something that has the caveats that all such services need. For any changes, you will need to have AppMakr help you out.

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6. Appy Pie

App Pie is among those hosted app-building applications, which possesses a limited yet free ad-supported version. The cost scales up to a $33-a-month flavor, letting you edit and publish your app on almost every platform accessible.

7. Bizness Apps

With Bizness Apps, you can literally build apps just like an app-maker for small business. You can also add existing content from your social media profile and your websites to your app. You will be able to see changes in real-time, and you can do everything without even the slightest bit of programming knowledge. This App development tool gives all those companies that need an app right now, and it tends to cater less to those who want their app to be central.

8. Dojo Mobile

This is an open source development framework with the Dojo Foundation supporting it. Dojo Mobile is available commercially and also as a free download. Commercially, it is distributed as part of IBM’s WebSphere. Dojo Mobile fits organizations that require a lightweight, open source mobile Web framework, which lets you leverage experience while using the Dojo Toolkit.

Dojo hands developers the power to use JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML that let you develop brilliant mobile web pages that are interactive on Webkit-enabled mobile devices and desktop devices too. It also lets you produce native mobile apps when implemented along with PhoneGap.

9. GameSalad

An app making tool with a difference, GameSalad lets you build an app like you would make a salad. According to the owners of Gamesalad, you can literally make a game within an hour.

10. GoodBarber

Good Barber claims that you can make brilliant and beautiful-looking apps. It offers a basic four-step process for doing so. As opposed to many others that claim to let you achieve the same results, Good Barber gives you a design first and then lets you feed in content later.

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