7 Best Copy.com Alternatives for Cloud Storage

This is really sad news for me and Copy.com lovers. Copy.com is shutdown. On their official site, they announced that the Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued on May 1, 2016.

Copy.com is one of my personal favorite cloud storage service that gives near-unlimited space and huge bonuses for referrals.
Now I’m in a hurry to find Copy.com alternatives for cloud storage. It’s time to publish the list. Here we go with the best Copy.com alternatives.

1. Google Drive – Google’s great cloud storage service Google Drive comes first into our list. Google Drives gives us a clean 15 GB of cloud space for absolutely free. The only thing you should care that attachments sent and received in Gmail, as well as your email messages, will count against your storage.

2. Box.com – Box.com gives a clean 10 GB of free space for all users. On Box, your upload is limited to 250MB (free account). Box starter plan comes with $6 user/month, 100GB Storage and a limit of 2GB of file size.

3. Dropbox – Dropbox is a popular cloud storage option that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Dropbox gives 2 GB of free space for all who signed up for the account. You can earn more space by referring your friends to Dropbox. You’ll get a 500 MB bonus when they install Dropbox on their computer.

4. pCloud – pCloud comes next into our list. You can store your photos, videos, files on pCloud. You will get a 10 GB of free space when you register.

pCloud has optional Client-Side Encryption where even they as your cloud storage provider DON’T know what you store in your Crypto Folder. They think it is so secure that they give $100,000 to anyone who manages to hack it.

For every copy.com user, they give 20GB free (which means you can have free up to 30GB) + 1 Month free for their Client Side Encryption – pCloud Crypto. Here is a link generated specially for SocialPositives readers.

Click here to sign up and get the Bonuses!

5. Mega – Mega gives a massive 50 GB of free storage space for all users. Mega gives priority to its users privacy. Your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices only and never by Mega.

6. Bitcasa – Bitcasa’s personal account comes with a 5GB free space. You can download Bitcasa Drive for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Bitcasa premium plans start from $10/month for 1TB of space.

7. OneDrive – OneDrive currently gives 15 GB of free space for all users but they have to reduce the storage space soon. When the changes come into effect, new users will get just 5GB of free storage.

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