Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software 2017 (Updated)

Data Recovery software is very competitive with more and more software getting launched every month. This only leaves the users confused. And more often than not, users end up downloading an inefficient software which either isn’t able to retrieve all the files you needed or it retrieves corrupted files that you are not even able to open.

That is why it is important to use a reliable data recovery software. We have put together a list of 5 free data recovery software that works like a charm, and the best part – they are absolutely free.
Here are 5 Free Data Recovery Software to try in 2016

1. Recuva

Brought to you by the makers of CCleaner is free to download data recovery tool, Recuva. It can recover both deleted files as well as corrupted files. It’s a Windows software and it can recover files from several file systems including NTFS, FAT, and exFAT. It can easily recover the deleted files from any external drive that can be connected to your system and recognized by Windows. And it can recover several formats of files including images, video and audio files. There is also two scan modes – normal and deep scan mode.

With the Deep scan mode, you have a higher chance of finding the files you are looking for. Another great feature of Recuva is that it has two versions that you could download – normal and portable. The normal version is the one that can be installed on your system and the portable version can be installed on a USB or on an external drive. This could helpful when the data that you are trying to recover is on your hard drive which might get overwritten when you install this software.

2. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

This software by Stellar is way advanced than any of the software presents on the list. While the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can efficiently retrieve deleted and corrupted files, what makes it different is that this software can also retrieve inaccessible or deleted Windows partitions. The software can easily recover files from your hard drive and external drive.

It can also recover data from optical discs including DVD, DVD-RW, CD-ROM, and CD-RW. Apart from that, the software can recover deleted and lost emails, create an image of your hard disk and initiate hard drive cloning. But the best part of the software has to be its partition recovery feature. Whether you have lost partitions on your hard disk because of disk failure, system malfunction or a virus attack, this software can recover partitions from any adversity.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery software is another great data recovery software on our list. It can recover data from both NTFS and FAT files systems. And this software works even when the boot sector of your system has been corrupted or deleted. Also, the file that it restores has its original names and time stamps. With the help of the software, you can recover data from network drives as well.

Most of the file formats are supported by this and it can also recover corrupted header files from your data. There is a special mode of the software called Cluster scan which only scans a specific part of the drive. This is very useful when you know exactly where your data is located on the drive. Overall, it’s a straightforward recovery software and it does what it claims.

4. Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery software is a great easy-to-use software with a simple interface. The software has three modes of scanning which include Quick Scan, Normal Scan, and Deep Scan. The quick scan mode only scans through the files that have been deleted from the recycle bin but if you are unable to find the file you have been looking for, you can choose the Deep Scan mode which scans through the free space that is available on your disk.

There is another option on the software on the software called ‘Find lost files’ which, when checked, can scan through corrupted or deleted partitions to recover files. The software also permits readers to edit custom scan list that has file signatures inside it, this helps in recovering damaged or corrupted data.

5. Wise Data Recovery

Our last data recovery software on the list is the Wise Data Recovery software. It is a simple software with an easy to use interface. It can retrieve files from hard drives, external drives, memory cards, cameras and USB drives. Before you start scanning, the software also has a search filter option which can speed up your file recovery process.

Through this filter, you can select all the formats of the files that you are searching for so that the software only finds those specific formats. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have any deep scan mode so you might not be able to recover all the lost or the deleted files.

Out of all the five free data recovery software, we have to say the one software that completely stood out and was a clear winner was Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This software has the ability to solve all your data recovery issues efficiently.

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