How to Create eBooks with Google Docs

How to create eBooks with Google Docs? You might be surprised with this, is possible to create eBooks with Google Docs? Yes, it’s possible.

Adobe’s PDF may be the most popular document format but ePub format performs better than PDF. PDF documents have a fixed page breaks but the layout of an ePUB document is responsive that means an ePub format will automatically adjust for different screen sizes.

There are a lot of popular desktop software available for creating ePub eBooks but you can easily create ePub eBooks with Google Docs itself.

How to create eBooks with Google Docs?

Now you can create eBooks with Google Docs. Juts write a document in Google Docs, then go to file menu and download as EPUB publication.

That’s it. You have created an eBook with Google Docs. ePub files you created are readable on Google Play Books, iPad, Nook, etc. Amazon Kindle currently doesn’t support ePub formats. You need to convert ePub into MOBI to read on Amazon Kindle.

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