Solved: Dropbox not Installing in Windows 10

Dropbox not Installing in Windows 10– When I update my system to Windows 10, Today I tried to install the popular cloud storage service on my device. The result, it’s not installed.

In the same time, there is no issue with Google Drive or Box. After working for sometimes finally, I have installed Dropbox successfully on my Windows 10 device.

The Solution works for me

I temporarily disable my Antivirus software and installed Dropbox on my device. It works well. I believe that my Antivirus is blocking Dropbox installation on my device. I won’t like to mention the Antivirus here, sorry for that.

Solutions you Can Try

1. Re-download the Dropbox Installer and retry the installation

2. If the error persists, download the offline installer. Be sure to check Offline installer prior to download.

3. Temporarily disable or uninstall any antivirus software you are using

4. Ensure that you have a good Internet connection

Is any of these above methods worked for you? Let us know through comments.

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