Turn Trello Cards to Evernote Checklist Automatically

Evernote is one of my favorite productivity app that helps me to save notes, ideas, images, and web pages easily for the lifetime. Trello is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy.

A lot of teams using Trello as a task management tool, both for team projects and personal to-dos. This post is for the people who are using both Evernote and Trello to increase their productivity.
How to turn Trello Cards to Evernote Checklist Automatically. This could help you to the Trello cards assigned to you get added to an Evernote checklist.

1. Go to IFTTT

If you are new to IFTTT, it is a web-based web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements.

2. Use this Recipe Trello to Evernote Checklist

3. Authorize your Evernote and Trello Accounts

4. Select a Trello Board

Next, select a Trello board which you need to get the checklist to Evernote. The Evernote default title will be “Trello Cards assigned to me”. You can change the title if you wish.

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5. Click on the ‘Add’ button.

That’s it. From now, Trello cards assigned to you get added to an Evernote checklist.

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