KeepVid Music Review: Use Online Music as Your Personal Music Source

This month I have purchased two different software’s from KeepVid. One is KeepVid Pro, a video downloader and one is KeepVid Music that helps you to use Use Online Music as Your Personal Music Source.

You can check my KeepVid Pro review here. Now it’s time to review KeepVid Music.

What is KeepVid Music?

KeepVid Music is an ultimate software that can easily download, record, transfer, manage, play and share music no matter where you find it. One of the highlights of KeepVid music is it compatible with Windows 10, iTunes 12, iOS 9,and devices like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

KeepMusic Pro Key Features

Here we go with the major features of KeepVid Music.

  • Download Music from more than 10,000 Sites.
  • Download Channels / Playlists in Batch.
  • Convert Videos to Popular Formats Such as MP3, MP4
  • Fix Music Tags and Covers
  • Record Online Music
  • Merge HD Audio and Video File Automatically
  • Transfer Media Data Among iOS Devices, Android Phone, PC/Mac, iTunes Without Limits

Download MP3s directly from YouTube, Spotify, and More

With KeepVid Music, you can download MP3s directly from popular sites like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, MTV, Vevo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. The numbers are really big means KeepVid Music helps you to download music from 10,000+ music and video sites.

You just need to copy and paste the URL to start downloading. You can also download files as MP4 from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

Discover Music

KeepVid Music is not just a place to download Music, but the best place to discover music and playlists. You can select your favorite music from 300,000+ Songs, 35,000+ Albums. You can quickly access the trending music from top 100+ Chart list.

You can find musics from Genres like Pop, Rap, Reggae, Jazz, Country, Blues, etc. Also, you can music from popular artists from the network.

Organize your Music Library

KeepVid Music is not just a software to download Musics, but a great thing to organize your entire music library. You can tag your music to find them easily, update cover arts, remove duplicates, remove missing or broken tracks.

Record Songs and Playlists

You can capture almost any song or playlist that you find on the Internet. KeepVid’s advanced Music intelligently filters out any ads and even splits the tracks automatically. You just need to tap the record button to record the song from any music station or music software. It will automatically save to your music library.

Transfer Music between Any Device

You can easily Transfer your iTunes media files (Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U and more) without limits.

iPhone/iPod/iPad ← → iTunes. iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android

iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android ← → PC/Mac.Android

Android ← → iTunes.

KeepVid has the ability to Transfer your iTunes media files (Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U and more) without limits. So you won’t need to about file supporting formats on the device.

KeepVid Music Toolbox

This is a feature I never expected when I purchased KeepVid Music. KeepVid Music comes with a toolbox that contains several powerful tools. One of these tools allows you to create a backup of your iTunes library on any computer or external hard drive. Others are for burning CDs or converting media file formats.

This is a real bonus for me.

It’s Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine a software with all these features can be used for free? Yes, you can try KeepVid Music desktop version for free in the trial.

My Verdict

KeepVid works as per expectations. I highly recommend you to buy KeepVid Pro that comes with different buying options. You can buy 1 Year License, 1 Year for 1 PC for $39.95, Personal License for $59.95, and family license for just $149.88 that supports up to 5 PCs.

Don’t think KeepVid is only producing paid softwares. It is a popular free web application that helps you to manage videos and music into the next level.

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