Meet HELLO, the Kickstarter sensation funded 600% in less than a week

HELLO, the Kickstarter sensation has now reached over $180,000 in just 7 days. 314 backers from all over the world have pledged and helped HELLO surpass their initial funding goal which was $30.000. This was a clear indication that there was a lack of video communication devices in this industry. Even though there are a number of video conferencing devices available out there, HELLO has succeeded because it offers way more than just video conferencing.

HELLO is way more than you think

There are a number of collaboration and communication devices out there. All of them have the same goal, closing the collaboration gap within a team or within a number of teams located all over the world. Even though the number of choices is getting higher we are still facing the same obstacles. They always end up being unreliable and expensive. HELLO tackles all these issues and provides a number of use cases which will change the way businesses and people communicate and solve problems. HELLO is beautiful, inexpensive, easy to set up and use.

HELLO use cases:

  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Security surveillance
  • Live Broadcasting


  • 4K CMOS video sensor, for stunning clarity
  •    Large pixel size for a great image in light or dark settings
  •    Pixel binning for lower visual noise and better dynamic range
  •    130 degree wide-angle lens for inclusive group calls

Microphone array for clear conversations

  •   Spatial focusing for consistent sound around your office or home
  •   Shielded microphone chambers reduce noise
  •   Suspended microphones eliminate physical interference

HELLO allows home and works to coexist together

If you thought HELLO is only for your business then you are in for a surprise. HELLO allows one to monitor your loved ones from anywhere. Worried about your kids or pets at home? By simply calling HELLO you can easily monitor and interact with them. Balancing home and work should not be a challenge anymore.

Why I claimed a device and you should too!

By pledging $189 and purchasing one HELLO you will get unlimited lifetime use of HELLO at no cost. In other words, you will get all the features for free, forever. So pledge today and let HELLO make you more productive. 

You can pledge and get your HELLO here.


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