iMessage Waiting for Activation iPhone 7 or Any iPhones

Tody on, we are discussing a topic related to iPhone. It’s a common issue for iPhone users “iMessage Waiting for Activation”.

This is what you will see on your iPhone if you are facing iMessage waiting for activation.

iMessage is very popular that’s why every iPhone should use this. This blog post could help you to solve the issue iMessage Waiting for Activation on iOS 10, iOS 9, or below. Here we go.

Enable or disable iMessage

1. Go to the settings menu.

2. Then go to Message, turn off or disable toggle for iMessage.

3. Wait for at least 6 hours and then turn on iMessage.

Toggle Airplane Mode

1. Go to Settings and set Airplane Mode to On.

2. Wait for 60 seconds and toggle Airplane Mode back to Off, wait a few minutes.

3. Now try iMessage again.

Check your VPN settings

1. Go to settings, then general, VPN.

2. Find the option Profiles.

3. Clear all things you have listed in the section.

4. Restart your iPhone.

Check your Internet Connection

Ensure that you are connected to an internet connection properly with good strength.

Contact your Carrier

Contact your carrier and ensure that your carrier supports iMessage or not. Also, check your limitations on your iMessage.

I hope one of these methods should be helpful to you if you are facing iMessage Waiting for Activation issue.

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