How to Delete Tresorit Account

Tresorit is one of the popular cloud storage service providers that lets you Work with your team without worrying about hacker attacks, misplaced emails, or lost devices.

Currently, Tresorit doesn’t provide a free account but lets you try their “SMALL BUSINESS” plan for 14 days for free. Tresorit Small Business plan gives 1,000GB storage space per user. So there is plenty of room for people to play with before deciding to buy.

If you are not interested in continuing with Tresorit account and you are looking to know to Delete Tresorit Account, you are at the right place.

Delete Tresorit Account

Please note that the account deletion is only available for Windows, Mac, and Linux apps and is not available from Web Access and Mobile apps.

If you don’t installed Tresorit on your device, install Tresorit desktop app on your device. Then follow these steps.

1. Open a Tresorit desktop app.

2. where signup is available. Click on Sign up.

3. Enter your existing mail address and a new password.

4. A Red window will appear that tells you that this account has already been created with a different password and it asks you whether you wish to delete your profile.

5. Click on Click here to delete your account.

6. Go to your Email inbox to find the email with a link to Delete your Tresorit Account.

7. Click on the link “Delete my account” from your Email, your account will be deleted.

8. You will redirect to a Tresorit Page with the title “Sure about deleting your Tresorit account“.

9. Once you have selected the reasons, click on “Click here to delete“.

That’s it. You have successfully deleted your Tresorit account. Please note that if you delete your account, it cannot be restored and all your Tresorit and shared files in the cloud will be lost. There is no way to undo this operation. Please also note that files on your local drive will not be deleted or modified in any way.

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