How to Delete Lists and Boards Easily on Trello

Trello is a super simple project management software that can help you to complete team project works easily. Trello is a Pinterest model site there you can list your projects as cards.

Trello is simple to use but users may find when they are trying to delete Lists and Boards they created on. Today on, we are showing you the best method to delete lists and boards on Trello. Here we go.

Close Lists and Boards Easily on Trello

1. Open

2. Select the Board your need to delete.

3. Click the “More” button to expand the menu options on the right side.

In order to delete a board, you’ll need to close the board first. Now it’s time to delete Boards.

Delete Boards

Once the Boards are closed,  it is no longer visible in your Boards list. You can find closed boards by doing this.

1. Click the Boards button at the top left of your Trello page.

2. Click on “See Closed Board”.

You’ll see a list of your closed boards, with a “Delete” button. Click on that button to delete the board permanently. Hope this post help you to delete Trello boards easily.


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