How to Email a Phone Number (Send Email to a Cell Phone Number)

Today on, we are learning about to Email a phone number. Yes, its possible to send Email to a Cell Phone Number. A Smartphone that is capable of receiving an SMS can also receive.

How to do that? Here we go.

How to Email a Phone Number?

Here we are looking to send email to a Cell Phone number from the Gmail. Here we go.

1. Open your Gmail with Google Chrome Browser.

2. Click “Compose” to Create a new Mail.

3. Enter the email recipient’s mobile address in the “To” field.

The recipients address will be consists of a 10-digit phone number followed by the SMS gateway. Here is an example how a final email address should be like [email protected]

4. Enter the text of the message in the body’s blank space.

5. Click “Send” to send the Gmail Message directly to the recipients mobile phone.
Hope this helps yo to send email to a cell phone number.

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