Top 6 Ways To Recycle Your Old Business Phones

Studies show that only 11% of e-waste comprise of phones. As such, around 90% of phones are left sitting on a desk or a drawer somewhere. Perhaps you constitute the 90% statistics if you do have an old iPhone that you last used some months or years ago. It could be that you know already know that you need to get rid of the gadget but that is a thing for later, not today, yet then does not seem to arrive. Well, now let me provoke you that it is now time to recycle your old gadget, I will bring you the information that you haven’t found a chance to consult about the recycling process.

Have you ever thought that yeah it is time to recycle your old business phones but got stuck as to how you can go about it? Now worry less here are some helpful mediums for your recycling process whether you would prefer fetching some cash for the gadget or you refer giving it out to charity.

It is an automated kiosk that collects your old phones and tablets, and it gives some cash in return. With Eco ATM, you get a chance to make a small profit as you clean your desk and drawers. You can drop the gadget in various grocery stores at your convenience; you only need to check out to see the one most convenient for you. Once you drop it, you can be sure that they will recycle or give your old phone a new life.


Eco-cell is an e-waste recycling company. In collaboration with various nonprofit organizations, the company provides bins in different businesses and coffee shops throughout the country. After collecting the phones, ship them to Eco-Cell in Louisville. The company then sells the phones and extends a share of the amount received to you. If the phone is in a bad condition, it is recycled and resold as well.

Give it to help someone else

Charity organizations is a humane way to do away with your old beloved mobile device. The joy and satisfaction of putting your gadget to a helping course. This organization often recycles the phones, sell them and donate the money collected to charity. It would be such a fulfilling accomplishment if you were to be a part of a course greater than you.

Sell it with love

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who would need your old phone more than you do? If so consider selling it cheap to them and add an element of love. However, remember to disclose to them all the defects with your phone so that they can plan for necessary repairs. Alternatively, you may just give your phone to a needy friend or relative and put a smile on their face.

Trade-in programs

While making plans to recycle your phone, check out if your network carrier has a trade-in program that may interest you. You may need to dispose of off your old business phone using this channel for various reasons. The company is better placed to recycle the phone, and it is more likely that you will scoop better profits including cash and gift cards by disposing of your phone through your phone carrier trade-in programs.


Gazelle is a trade-in company located in Boston and is very famous for old cell phones. All you need to do is give a description of your iPhone, provide a picture of it and give your price range, then relax and wait for a response. The gazelles will come for your old mobile device, and you can smile all the way to your bank. You could also use the opportunity to acquire a new model.

It is time to end your procrastination and recycle your old business phone today. With the options available above for you, all you need to do is explore your options and select the one that best fits your situation. Remember to consider whether you are contributing to a charity if you want to fetch some bucks for your gadget. Once you are all set, gracefully dispose of your old device from your drawer, or wherever it is you store old devices while achieving a sense of fulfillment.

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