Why Application Performance Monitoring is Critical for Businesses

Modern businesses are increasingly facing challenges when it comes to monitoring their IT systems and applications to ensure they meet the required performance expectations. Considering that many businesses today run multiple applications and technologies, a strategic approach to application monitoring is needed to achieve business success.

To retain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced digital world and drive business ROI, businesses must focus on their applications. Below, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why application performance monitoring is critical for your business.
Application Performance Monitoring

Smooth App Performance – Happy Customers

Having an application that works is pretty basic for any business. The real work starts by ensuring that your applications are performing as expected and that your customers are happy. Despite the advancement in app technology, app performance challenges are still an issue.

According to Stackify, regularly monitoring how your business applications are performing help point out potential problems like app errors, slow loading time and device compatibility issues. By ensuring that your apps are running smoothly, you can ensure your customers’ happiness.

Improves Customer Experience

Application monitoring is all about bringing together and understanding the end-user experience, applications, and business infrastructure. Without an understanding of how your applications are performing, you will have no way of getting critical data and information needed to know the health of your business applications and service components.

Application performance monitoring is key to improving customer experience. It gives you a clear picture of what your customers experience when they access your applications by allowing you to monitor build performance, user browser, and platform performance and other key metrics of understanding how your applications are performing so you can improve the user experience.

Application Optimization

Gone are the boundaries between applications, associated business infrastructure, and data. With more businesses focusing on bringing together apps and infrastructure to improve transparency and ensure seamless performance for users, business owners and IT face a range of complexities when it comes to monitoring, troubleshooting and maintaining app performance.

Application performance monitoring software, combined with IT operational intelligence is key to achieving the desired application performance and optimization. With APM, you can easily optimize your app performance so you can deliver a complete brand experience to your customers as well as employees.

A Mobile-First Approach

Everything is going mobile today, and with the impact of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to business operations, customers and users expect the same level of application performance and availability on mobile devices as they get on PCs. While the desktop environment is still the main framework for most app monitoring efforts, there’s a growing focus on mobile monitoring.

APM vendors have started offering mobile application performance monitoring capabilities to deal with the rapid changes and increasing complexities of managing critical business applications running on mobile devices. In fact, experts predict that Unified Endpoint Management(UEM) will be the future of application and IT device management.


There is no doubt that the adoption of cloud-based applications, increasing mobile-use and growing customer expectations will play a huge role in improving application management monitoring solutions. The bottom line is, businesses must focus more on APM to ensure that customer experience remains the central business goal.

Virtually every business depends on a number of critical software and applications to run their operations. APM is a valuable part of your business, as it helps you monitor for performance issues while also offering you insights to proactively make necessary improvements that streamline your app experience to users.

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