Top Android Tips that will Make your Life Easier

Android devices are great but even the best of them have some quirks that can make technology seem like the most annoying thing ever. Many people are very much annoyed by different aspects of having a smartphone, and others simply do not know that they could be enjoying their phones a lot more.

Android phones are pretty simple to use in general but sometimes they can be irritating if not properly tweaked. If you’re dating over 50 or looking for free interracial dating, your phone might be blowing up with notifications from an app like Cupid Dating (If you’re using iOS, don’t fret because it’s available on Apple’s platform as well, not just on Android) and if you like playing an online mobile game, you might end up losing all your month’s mobile data. Knowing how to disable notifications during the late hours of the night or when you’re not playing is covered in this piece. Check out these useful tips in order to get the very best your smartphone has to offer and to learn how to make your life easier.

Disabling Notifications

This is a pretty simple thing to do and yet not many know of this feature’s existence. There are so many times when smartphone users just want to get a little shuteye or to not be disrupted during a meeting. Luckily, there’s a simple way to make sure that notifications won’t bother you when you need peace and quiet. When a notification pops up, simply long tap it in order to bring up the menu with the App Info option. Tap on that and then untick the box next to Show Notifications.

Setting Mobile Data Limits

Using the internet through mobile data is a tricky business, dangerous even. It can be pretty hard to properly estimate when your monthly data is gone and when you start drilling into your funds as an extra expense. This can be easily averted however by going to Data Usage under Settings and using the orange bar to set a monthly limit for your data usage. Your end of the month results might differ slightly from those of your carrier but overall you should be able to stay away from going over the limit.

Disable Auto Update for Apps

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you turn on your internet connection on your phone after a long time and it starts blowing up with notifications about app updates being installed automatically. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve had internet on your phone, a number of updates performed at the same time might even cripple your device for a short period. You can prevent this but also completely get rid of Google’s habit of deciding for you. Simply go to the Auto-Update Apps section in your Play Store Settings section and select the option to not update automatically.

Turning off Autocorrect

We’ve all seen the memes on the internet about autocorrected messages. It can be frustrating to send someone a message ruined by the autocorrect feature. But what if we told you that you can turn it off completely? To do this, simply navigate to Language and Input under Settings and tap the settings icon. Find the autocorrect feature and disable it.


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