Parenting Teenagers: Why and how to Limit App usage Android?

Android mobile phones are extremely popular nowadays and there is no doubt about the boom of such devices considering the affordable prices, wonderful features and unlimited apps provided by the Android platform.

Android Smartphones and Digital Apps

While asking for an Android cell phone, your teenager may come up with a number of reasons like educational needs, study purposes and stay in contact with parents when they are outside the house. However, the real reason that tempts children deeply to buy an Android device is the variety of digital apps developed for the users.
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The apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram are immensely popular among teenagers, they provide children a way to share each and every update about their lives with their friends. Apart from these apps, there are several gaming apps on the web that encourage children to violently shoot the characters of the game, promoting aggression in younger minds.

Other apps include dating apps and apps with sexual content embedded. There are many app that are age-inappropriate for teenagers but they use those apps anyway. Most of the parents do not even have a clue what kind of app their child has installed on his/her mobile phone. Use of digital app makes children more and more concentrated on screens and they waste their precious time while scrolling down the newsfeed on their Android smartphone.

How Can You Protect Teens from Questionable Apps?

There are a number of ways to stop your kids from using unsuitable digital apps. But, the one that is most effective, when you have a teenager is to download an app that is capable to let parents limit app usage Android such as FamilyTime. It allows parents to:

  • View the list of all the apps that are installed on your child’s Android smartphone. This way parents can detect whether or not their ten is using sneaky apps
  • See all the relevant details of the apps installed including the date of installation, the category of the app and the version of the app that is being used by their teenager
  • Check the usage frequency of every app by analyzing the time their teen is spending on a particular app
  • Block any app that you find addictive or questionable for your child to restrict them from using that app
  • Limit the screen time of your kids by scheduling auto screen locks on their devices at any time of the day and for as long as they want
  • Hinder device use y locking it remotely from a distance

Considering the threats that are present online, FamilyTime android parental control offers a number of useful features for parents, including web monitoring, phone monitoring, and location tracking. You can avail these features by downloading the app from Google play store or iTunes.
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Educate your teen about the importance of parental surveillance and switch to smart parenting today!

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