Top 5 Tips and Tricks about Online Hacks That You Probably Don’t Know

Impact of Online Cyber Crimes

In this developed and modern era of technology, people surf a lot of sites and web pages on a daily basis for different purposes. You go online for shopping, downloading videos, social media surfing, and a lot more stuff. Well, whenever you are about to pay for a product online, and it says to enter your credit card information. You always hesitate no matter how much is safe that website is because of all the online cybercrimes happening in these days. While probably there are people who never have been a victim of any cybercrime but there are many who have been, and the numbers keep on increasing because most people don’t think twice about clicking any random link. People should be aware of some basic rules which should be followed by everyone to prevent these cybercrimes from happening. Here are some of the basic tips that everyone should follow while going online.

1. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi for Banking and Shopping

It’s probably for the best if people stop using public Wi-Fi service for online shopping or banking transactions. It’s most likely you are offering them your credentials from which they will be able to access your personal account information. Public Wi-Fi spots are not secure enough for these purposes. You should always use some encryption app or your private network connection for bank transactions.

  • Always use VPN software
  • Visits websites that you know are 100 percent secure
  • Installed an anti-virus trusted enough to protect your online surfing
  • Always enter your login information in a safe area
  • Turn off you hotspot sharing during transactions

2. Permanent Use of Paid Antivirus Software

Now people usually like to have free antivirus for their system which does not provide all the features in it. Some features are premium and only comes up with the paid version. Everyone knows the paid version is way better than the free because it enhances the protection of your technical activities on your system. Quality antiviruses like Norton, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender are very good for your system. Among these, Bitdefender comes up top in them. You can also find some Bitdefender discount coupon sites on which you can get one and can reduce a little of your spending on it.

3. Random Attachments and Popup

Now one thing every internet user is facing is the irritating popups and random attachments that you see on almost most of the websites that you visit. Although it generates traffic for the sites and some of them could be relevant, but mostly they are not secure enough to click on it. Hackers can get your information just by clicking on it, so avoid clicking on random popups and attachments for the safety of your data.

4. SSL Certification for Online Shopping Websites

Always look for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification for the websites you visit. It is used to create a secure connection between the browser and the site. When you open a link, its starts from “https” and if it is green, then it is safe and certified by SSL and if it’s not, don’t even bother to go for the option of payment here. Look for another website which is approved by SSL; there are hundreds of them available on the internet.

5. Immediately Update Your Software and Apps

If you have Windows 10 operating system, then it won’t matter because it is smart enough to update your system apps as soon as they come up. But still, you have to upgrade other apps and software which you installed externally. Other operating systems have settings on which you can set a specific time for every month to check for updates and install it. It is better always to install the updated version of software and apps because the developers are working to keep improving their product and you know that the updated version surely be better than the old one.

Example of a Secure Internet Connection

Now all of the above methods surely secure your data and will enhance your capability of protecting your personal information. But for safe and secure browsing, one must have a secure internet connection. Charter Communications is an American Telecommunication company which provides services of high-internet connection and ranked 2nd best internet provider in the USA. It gives blazing-fast speed which allows the user to perform their online transactions at a rapid rate. It also offers a free Security Suite which protects the system from various threats and viruses and ensures safe browsing for the user. It has end-to-end data encryption method which protects the user’s data and makes it impossible to breach. The best part about Charter internet service is that they offer their services in Spectrum internet bundles. These bundles provide services of the internet along with cable TV, and voice communication. Users can access all threes services in a single package and don’t have to pay different bills for different facilities. They can pay all their dues in a single bill in a very cost-effective manner.

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