Android Lollipop vs IOS 8: Which is better?

The latest user interfaces from Apple and Google are out on the devices and they have much to talk about. Both the UI’s of these tech giants have what one can call very realistic yet very convenient improvements. Both user interfaces have a great impact on all major smartphone manufacturing brands, so there is always a great focus on inventing great modifications that leads to better outcomes financially.

The buyers have become more demanding these days and expect something new and innovative. There is also a strong competitive force from brands like Xiaomi MIUI 6 and Amigo that is making Google and Apple work round the clock to gain from its customers and keep the faith alive in their minds.


What Has Changed

When it comes to modifications, Apple has introduced very minor changes which are very useful and brings more ease in processes in comparison with the IOS 7.

  1. Predictive Keyboard – The much handful concept of predictive keyboard which had already made its strong appearance on other UI platform including Android is now available on the same. Though it made a late entry but it will surely be very helpful for the users.
  2. Notification Panel – Another major modification comes in the notification panel, which now comes with a feature that shows the information of the contacts to which the users communicated recently. This modification works when the user double taps the touch id.
  3. Siri – Other minor notifications include Siri now being more attentive, improvement in the messages sharing.

Talking about Android Lollipop which has come out with some very different modifications that embark a great change in the platform up till date, the developer version of Android Lollipop came out before in the devices but the official version of the UI came firstly on the all new NEXUS 6 of Google.

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  1. UI Design – The first out and out difference between older android versions and the lollipop is the design of the UI which has really taken a huge bump this time around. The animations play a huge role in changing that, by making it easier for the user to access notifications when the Unlocking mode takes place, this feature was available on IOS from a long time.
  2. App Drawer – The app drawer is also more elegant with large icons and better colors.
  3. Additional Features – Other features include app pinning (which makes your device to work on a single task or on a single app), light colored theme, new wallpapers for the display screen, new battery saver mode.

Who Is Leading the Way

From the modifications to the better UI experience, Android hits the ball out of the park with its much more simplified approach and user friendly experience, keeping the users skeptical of what more the company can offer in the future.

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Lollipop breaks the shackles and the myths that said the UI was becoming way more repetitive; it kept the desires of its users on top. Another major area that puts Android in front is the idea that make the interface simple yet it has so much to do, whereas Apple is stuck with the same UI from the start, the home screen always has remained the way it is. There’s very little scope of innovation in IOS.

It has also come down to a point where users have started calling the apple UI repetitive and limited, whereas Android on the other hand always has something new for its users every time, from what is seen up till date Android has taken a big step forward whereas IOS has taken secure steps in order to retain its market value.

The Future Scope

With the way Android has worked on its UI it can very much be said that it has a very strong future when it comes to more innovation and newer modifications. The UI giant can work on greater concepts while keeping the users believe intact, it also shows by the increasing database of the users day by day.

Other UI developers like MIUI and Amigo are very much inspired by Android which also adds up to the profile of the organization. Android is moving ahead with a smart approach which goes hand in hand with the current lifestyle and trends. It is using the current technology based on the customer preferences in such a way that keeps the interest of the user high tend .

Whereas Apple’s IOS is failing to do many of the necessary things, though their lies a great scope of many innovations and ideas. From the time of the first iPhone the UI has changed in many ways but has not taken the leap ahead which keeps the user experience limited. There is much more that Apple can work on rather than taking minor baby steps. Ultimately it might lead to a situation when it becomes too late for them to innovate as user these days are very demanding.

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