Best Rainmeter Skins/ Themes for Apple

Rainmeter skins are a wonderful way of reorganizing the way your desktop looks,which explains why we are sharing 5 Best Rainmeter Skins/ Themes for Apple with our readers today. They allow you to customize your desktop the way you want it and provide easy access to various functions at just one click.

Even the most diehard Apple device fans who love their devices for the fantastic UI want to get the flexibility associated with Windows OS at times.

If you also want to have the best of both the worlds (i.e. a Windows experience on your Apple device), read on to know more about the best Rainmeter themes for Apple.

Rainmeter skins, as we all know, are capable of displaying information such as battery status, RSS feeds, weather forecast, and memory status right on your desktop.

What is more, many skins are capable of recording notes and to-do lists, control media player, and launch your favorite applications right away. It basically turns your desktop to a “Power Desktop” and provides quick access to important and frequently used functions to save time. You can add all of these functionalities in sidebar widget that sports a sleek design and does not clutter with the other desktop icons.

If you want to use this fantastic application to replace the boring looking cell phone screen with a user friendly interface, read about the best available options for an Apple device and choose the skin or theme which suits you best:

1. Rainmeter DEEP7 Taskbar

Rainmeter Skins
Based on text based design, this skin will make your desktop more user-friendly as it replaces icons with folders. This Rainmeter DEEP7 Taskbar is available in both light and dark themes. Further, you have the flexibility of placing it either on top or bottom of the screen.

2. Razor

Rainmeter Skins_1
This rainmeter skin aims at reducing clutter and enables you to keep your desktop icons in an organized manner. This theme provides users a centralized bar with a very limited number of items thus giving the desktop a very neat look. It does so by allowing users to sort programs in folders, thereby helping reduce the number of desktop icons.

3. i2 Bar

Rainmeter Skins_2
This is yet another fantastic theme which has brilliantly contrasting color schemes and a very unusual design. It allows you to add widgets like clock, weather forecasting apps and a lot more to the desktop without providing the old look taskbar.

4. Omnimo

Rainmeter Skins_3
The best thing about this skin is that it has no desktop altogether. You can instead create your own large sized buttons for the programs, widgets or apps you most on the desktop screen. Not only that, you can choose the colors of these boxes. Or even keep them transparent if you do not want your desktop to appear very soothing to the eyes without looking like a color feast.

5. Enigma

rainmeter Skins_4
This skin is known to replace the dull looking desktop icons with sleek black bar and white buttons. In addition, it gives you the freedom of adding additional buttons for features like WiFi and power, providing direct access to frequently used functions. This is one of the most popular Rainmeter themes for Apple. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that it is now Rainmeter’s default theme.


We hope you like our collection of 5 best Rainmeter themes here. If you feel we have missed out on any of your favorites, please remind us to include them by mentioning them in the list below.

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